RISING SUN - Se-gon-ake-skung

Rising Sun (Se-gon-ake-skung) was a notable headman and visionary of the Turtle Mountain  Band of Chippewa.  He was one of the original signers of the Red Lake and Pembina Chippewa Treaty at the Old Crossing 1863.

Rising Sun’s village was located near Dunseith, North Dakota, at the western edge of Lake Schutte near the present-day Little Shell Pow Wow grounds.

This picture was taken in 1907 when Rising Sun and his wife Simiquan (Comes from above) were in their early 90s.

In 2011, the Turtle Mountain Department of Natural Resources developed a traditional pow wow arbor at Sky Chief Park.  The 1st annual Red Thunder memorial pow wow was held on July 4th.

The descendants of Red Thunder still live on the Turtle Mountain Reservation, including current Tribal Chairman Merle St. Claire.

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rising sun was no chief nor was he at the signing of the old crossing treaty.


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